A cutting edge treatment for releasing toxic emotions – NEUROLEASE™

When a person endures a traumatic experience, their nervous system can become stuck in the fight, flight, freeze cycle.  Their body remembers it as a function of survival.   

neurolease-logo-TM-1024x389 A cutting edge treatment for releasing toxic emotions - NEUROLEASE™ Tampa

NEUROLEASE™ focuses on updating the neurological system to realize there is no present threat or action required.  The body and mind become synchronized to its natural grounded state.

  • Do you feel you aren’t good enough?
  • Are you continuously reliving past trauma?
  • Tired of still talking about the same problem without feeling any better?
  • Does the mere thought of talking about a problem  scare you into bottling up further?


During the treatment, the body receives information from the brain that there is a threat.  The body reports back that it does not see, hear or feel any present threat. The mind then realizes that the traumatic experience happened in the past and there is nothing the body needs to do. 

 NEUROLEASE™ provides a means for the body to rebound from surviving to thriving.  When the body does not rebound from a state of stressful activity, the sympathetic nervous system becomes overwhelmed, moving from productive to destructive.   The result?  An anxious, depressed, poorly regulated and weak body.

What to Expect


A Licensed Counselor meets with you to develop a targeted treatment plan.


A Licensed Massage Therapist welcomes you to the massage room for instructions and preparation. Treatment takes place on a traditional massage table. (For minors, guardians must be present.)


The Licensed Counselor guides you through the “thinking” part of the treatment while the Licensed Massage Therapist guides your body through the “feeling” part of the treatment. Verbal response from the client is minimal. 

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