Jakki Bosco joined the Liddle Kidz Foundation ambassador volunteer team in the Philippines

Liddle Kidz Foundation

It is the vision of the Liddle Kidz Foundation Global to make a true difference for infants and children who have been orphaned and abandoned.  We achieve this goal by incorporating sustainable and replicable programs into orphanages and residential care settings around the globe.

LKF Global Volunteers

Liddle Kidz Foundation Global Volunteer Ambassadors work with government organizations, orphanages, healthcare, childcare and residential settings worldwide. During these volunteer programs, LKF Global volunteer ambassadors share their expertise to improve the lives of infants, children and their caregivers. Volunteer programs offer specific developmentally appropriate care for children and education for their caregivers.  We focus our efforts on initiatives that are sustainable, responsible and support the communities where we work.

Why do you feel you would be an asset to the Liddle Kidz Foundation volunteer team?

“Combining my professional experience, and background working with children will be a big asset to my work with the group.  I enjoy working with a team and sharing in each others expertise to further make a strong impact.“, said Jakki Bosco.

Why would you like to participate in this outreach event?

“I am excited to use my professional skills to give back to the community, while being around like minded individuals.  The opportunity to experience a new culture, working with and learning from Tina Allen, and the chance to give to others makes this an awesome opportunity to be selected to participate in.” said Jakki.

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