Massage Therapy helps with Depression

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What is depression and what happens because of it?

Depression is not just about feeling low or sad. It is a medical condition with intense feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and a lack of energy. A person suffering from depression finds it difficult to concentrate on work. He or she would not be able to sleep properly and his/her mind would constantly ponder over death. In extreme cases, depression can even lead to suicidal tendencies and my result in physical symptoms like pains in the back and joint while also causing eating disorders. It is estimated that 16 million Americans would have experienced some depression symptoms at one point or another. 

Massage as a therapy

Massage therapy involves the use of massage as a natural treatment option to treat various health conditions. Massage is basically a manipulation of muscles and tissues that is done by a masseur who uses his/her hands to knead and rub the affected body parts. Massage therapy involves carrying out massage sessions with the objective of healing various disorders. The benefits of massage in treating body ache and pains is well-known.

Massage therapy is used to treat not just physical disorders but even conditions of the mind. This happens thanks to the relaxing and calming effects a massage can bring in. Massage therapy would produce the best results when an experienced and licensed massage therapist carries it out. It is considered as an alternative or complementary medical therapy to treat various health disorders.

Massage therapy in reducing depression

Massage therapy is a highly useful treatment for those who are suffering from depression. One of the characteristics of depression is mental and physical tension. Massage therapy involves the use of various techniques to relax the muscles. This can relieve any physical pain and also soothe the muscles. This leads to an overall relaxation of the body as well as the mind. A relaxed and calm mind would be able to cope with depression in a much better way.

Massage therapists make use of music and aromatic oils to provide an enhanced therapeutic experience. This can lead to a reduction in cortisol levels in the body. This hormone comes into action as a response to stress, so reduced cortisol helps to calm the mind. Further, serotonin levels increase after massage therapy; serotonin is a natural pain reliever and can reduce any feelings of anxiety and sadness.

There are various types of massages like Swedish massage, relaxation massage, hot stone massage, aromatherapy massage, and deep tissue massage. These massages calm down the mind and drastically bring down stress. It also leads to a feeling of invigoration which further helps in lifting one’s mood.

Where to get it done?

Massage therapy needs to be done by experts who are experienced in treating various disorders. It would be best to be treated by a licensed therapist. If you are planning to undergo massage therapy to help in alleviating depression, then you might as well consider getting it done at Tampa Massage Clinic. This clinic, located in Tampa, Florida, is well-known for providing many types of massage therapies that would be helpful for those suffering from health disorders.

At the Tampa Massage Clinic, located in Tampa, Florida, nothing is more important than human touch. To schedule an appointment with Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Pediatric Massage Instructor, Jakki Bosco LMT, please call (813) 298-5603.

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