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Children thrive on human contact. It is especially important for their growth, development and overall sense of wellbeing.

Research has demonstrated that massage therapy may lessen erratic behavior, improve social relatedness behavior, become more attentive and less withdrawn. This therapy also adds to sensory integration and regulates gastrointestinal (GI) tract issues.

What can parents do?

Learn to administer affective massage on your children. Classes are offered and administered by Jakki Bosco, LMT who specializes in pediatric massage for children from toddlers to 12 years-old. ​


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Benefits for the Child

  • Improved sleep habits;
  • Decreased anxiety and stress hormones;
  • Improved body awareness;
  • Deeper connection with their parent;
  • Reduced hyper and hypo sensitivity;
  • Increased trust and bonding with caregivers;
  • Improved quality and quantity of social and vocal behaviors;
  • Increased self esteem;
  • Establishment of healthy boundaries;
  • Improved muscle tone and joint mobility; and
  • Improved digestive system​​.


Benefits for the Parents or Caregivers

  • Quality bonding with your child;
  • Improved communication with child, both verbal and body language;
  • Parent learns child’s anatomy and physiology;
  • Promotes decrease in stress and anxiety; and
  • Improved quality of sleep.

Learn Pediatric Massage

Classes are offered and administered by Jakki Bosco, LMT. Find out when the next class starts!

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