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Autistic-Children-massage-therapy The Benefits Of Relaxation Massage For Autistic Children TampaAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 1 in 68 U.S. children are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), which includes several conditions that were diagnosed separately until recently, but which are now under one umbrella.

Today, those whose symptoms were previously diagnosed as Asperger’s syndrome, pervasive developmental disorder or autistic disorder are now included as part of ASD.

There is no definitive cure for ASD, so many parents are looking for help managing symptoms and behaviors that are common with ASD. However, the wide range of characteristics associated with ASD precludes even a “best treatment.”

During their early years, the right professional can help them get by to deal with the simple day-to-day functioning. Let us look at how a relaxation massage combined with occupational therapy helps to benefit children with autism.

Building a Rapport

Reports have suggested that massage therapy helps children and adults alike. The right method must be used. Since most kids with autism are not very keen on touch, it can take a while for the therapist to establish a rapport with the child so that s/he is comfortable with the licensed massage therapist. Once the barriers are broken down, the professional uses deep pressure massage. The child with autism usually displays repetitive behavioral patterns, but over time with massage therapy, s/he will ease up, as s/he feels comfortable.

Research-based Treatment

Massage treatment is also effective in lessening the severity of autism after a few months of diagnosis.

Massage treatments would include smooth strokes and moderate pressure. The massaging motions should be concentrated on the arms, hands, neck, legs, feet, and torso. The massage sessions would last for 15 minutes and twice or thrice a week.

Studies show that massage therapy can reduce anxiety while increasing the attention span of these children. Regular physical contact also reduces the autistic behaviors such as aversion and inattentiveness.

Some parents who used massage therapy have seen the change that it brings to their kids. Through the soothing touch massage provides autistic kids become more alert and active.

Bonding Between Child and Parent with Pediatric Massage

At the Tampa Massage Clinic, pediatric massage sessions are organized between parents and children as a bonding exercise. This helps parents understand that the special child needs extra attention and care. Since the massage sessions cannot go on indefinitely, parents are encouraged to learn the methods to ease the tension away from the child and help her/him deal with autism. It also establishes a way for the parent and child to bond with each other, given the fact that most kids with autism hardly respond well to touch.

The Right Person for the Job

In Tampa, Florida, the licensed therapist uses realistic methods that break down barriers for the little one with autism. The methods used are simple – not over the top. A child will respond when the therapist does the job and does it right, as is the case with the therapist at Tampa.

At the Tampa Massage Clinic, located in Tampa, Florida, nothing is more important than human touch. To schedule an appointment with Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Pediatric Massage Instructor, Jakki Bosco LMT, please call (813) 298-5603.

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